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Your small business's finances should help you grow, not hold you back.

Kate McKeever, CPA

Hi! I'm Kate, founder of Lilac Accounting 

This is my story

I graduated from The Catholic University of America in 2013 with a Master's degree in accounting and followed the usual path into a large public accounting firm, where I worked with small to mid-sized business clients. I studied hard for the CPA exam and remember seeing a shooting star while drinking celebratory champagne the night I found out I passed!

In 2019 I jumped at the opportunity to return to my alma mater to teach an accounting course in my free time and found a new job working in the accounting department of a well-known corporation in the wedding industry.  

Meanwhile over the years my friends who were self-employed would come to me for help with their books and taxes.  Often they'd had bad experiences with traditional accountants, or simply didn't know where to start.  I've seen first hand how many small business owners feel left out of the mainstream accounting industry and I felt compelled to serve them. 

I started Lilac Accounting in 2023 to draw on my decade of technical experience and my heart for teaching to provide accounting services to small businesses.  I'm on a mission to make small business owners feel confident in their numbers so they can truly thrive!